Un precedent al arhe-ului preburebistan: cooperarea daco-getică din epoca lui Rubobostes şi Oroles (II)


The fact that in Justin's summary of the lost History of Trogus Pompeius the Tectosages, the Istrians and the Dacians of Rubobostes are mentioned together is fully justified by the events that occurred in the 2nd century BC following the expansion of Rome. Given the circumstances, a number of Celtic (mainly Tectosages) and even Istrian tribal communities might have found shelter in the Dacian kingdom. The opportunities, motivations and resources of the society inhabiting the Western part of the future Dacia Magna give good reason for the expansion of the Dacian kingdom in the time of Rubobostes. The first stage of the Geto-Dacian mint suggests that the rulers' activities in the time of Rubobostes were not strictly military.