Note pe marginea originii şi a armurilor geto-dacice în ritualurile funerare


About the age of the chain mail armours of the Geto-Dacians 
Despite the fact that the historical tradition attributes the invention of chain armar to other areas and other populations, it is quite possible that these types of equipments were originated in the Balkan area. The dynamics of the populations which transited the area and lived there could have offered the necessary conditions for the development of weaponry in general, hence, of the defensive techniques, which have always had an important role. The archaeological realities show that most of the discoveries belong to the East-European area, dominated by the Celts and Thracians. This comes as a contradiction to the historical sources. The North-Balkan space has had an important tradition as far as the defensive equipments used by the experimented Getic-Dacian warriors were concerned. The chain amours, all with profound social connotations, have constituted the ideologica! expression of military elite with enough determination to establish a barbaric kingdom.