Geţia în epoca lui Oroles


Despite the weak attempts at identifying the Getic king Oroles with Rholes, one of the kings who ruled after Burebista, Oroles was a distinct personality who reigned (as his contem-porary Rubobostes in Western Dacia) in an age of political and military resurgence in the kingdom of Getia. During Oroles’s rule, Getia was actively involved in the issues concerning the Black Sea–Balkan area, and its co-operation with the more recent (Western) Dacian kingdom was the background of the future political union that took place in the time of Burebista and Deceneu. The key to reconstructing the events in their chronological order lies in the two wars between the Getae and the Bastarnae, caused by the lat-ter’s involvement in Macedonia’s fight against the Romans in 179 and 175 BC.