Legiunea a X-a Equestris, creația lui Gaius Iulius Caesar


Legion X Equestris, the creation of Gaius Julius Caesar

History mentions the numerous triumphant battles fought by the military general Gaius Julius Caesar during his ascension to power as ruler of Rome, but does not emphasize the fact that these triumphs were also based on the courage and devotion of his soldiers in arms, on the legions that served him. Caesar himself mentions in his literary work, the Comentarii, the bravery and loyalty of his Tenth Legion, also known in history as Legio decimal Gemina. The hereby article pursues Gaius Julius Caesar in the position of military general and war tactician during the Gallic and Civil wars and mainly focuses on his relation with the Tenth legion or Legio X, who followed him in his battles. The legend of the Legio X Gemina continues through out history until the 4th century A.D., but we will refer only to the period in which it fought alongside Julius Caesar and in which it also received the name of Legio X Equestris.