Formele de manifestare spirituală a sarmaţilor iazygi


The spiritual life and the religious beliefs of the Sarmatian Iazyges, is far from being elucidated, shows eventually a complex religious conception, strained with symbols and rituals, which doesn’t make the Iazyges lower than the other peoples of the Antiquity, which were in the same state of development. We must also consider a fact that is vital in the process of reconstitution of a global image on the spirituality of the Sarmatians. The Alans to whom is the epopee about the Nartes, which have kept their old beliefs for a long time and are also part of the common Core of the Sarmatian populations. One thing must kept in mind that, with the beginning of the second century p.Chr, the Roxolans or the „white Alans” will migrate towards the Great Hungarian Plain, revitalizing the spirit and the material culture of the Iazyges.