Arcul lui Traian de la Beneventum: 1900 de ani de la inaugurare (114-2014)


On the occasion of the 1900th anniversary of the Arch of Traian in Benevento (114 A.D.), the author tries to highlight in this review some thoughts on the importance of this monument and many reliefs that adorn it. These sculpted scenes were performed by Roman artists between the end of the reign of Emperor Traian (98-117 A.D.) and the beginning of the reign of Hadrian (117-138 AD.); they have a real importance for the history of art as well as history and Romanian culture in general. The scenes depicted on the Arch of Benevento highlight the end of the heyday of the artistic School of Apollodorus of Damascus (during the reign of Traian) and the emergence of a new artistic style, which has been developed during the reign of Hadrian.

Romanitate şi romanizare