Latina militară şi impactul ei mentalitar (II)


This article continues our studies related to military Latin. If in the first part we studied the military Latin of the European Romance armies, (of the Romanian army, the French army and the Italian army), in this second part we analyze the language of Mars present in the slogans, emblems and mottos of the UK and USA armies. We have selected those Latin sententiae with military value for two reasons: public access and their value for mentalities. In the economy of this study, the largest share is that of Latin maxims of the American army due to their publicity and values of military mentality which they express. Thus, the values of Mars’ art present in the military Latin that we analyze here are moral qualities and mentalities such as loyalty, faith, skill, professionalism, patriotism, steadfastness, perseverance, ingenuity, bravery, courage, etc. We translate all maxims for a better perception of Roman mentality values expressed by the language of the she-wolf’s adopted sons, perennial values even today. The military Latin language present in the slogans of the two armies is concise, but full of expressiveness rendered by nouns, pronouns, adjectives, prepositions, verbs and adverbs, which emphasizes its perennial impact.