Divinația în religia romană. Semne și premoniții ce au precedat asasinarea lui Gaius Iulius Caesar


The death of the powerful Roman leader Gaius Julius Caesar had been foretold, as ancient historians tell us, by numerous strange events such as dreams, predictions, unnatural behaviour of animals and odd visions that the Roman citizens and priesthood of the time interpreted as being bad omens or the will of the gods considering Caesar’s fate. The hereby paper aims at analysing the historical context of these prodigies, explaining the nature of dreams and other signs that were witnessed before the dictator’s assassination, as well as other elements that had been present in the Roman divination for centuries. The study will revolve around Caesar’s actions and possible interpretation concerning his destiny and also, the view expressed by one of his contemporaries, namely Cicero. We will also briefly mention the political and religious context that was present during Caesar’s reign and that must have also influenced the terrible outcome of the Ides of March.