Cariere de subofițeri în unele inscripții romane din Dacia


The army was the main agent and actor of Romanization at the same time. This was also true for Dacia, as evidenced by the epigraphic texts found here. This study analyzes some of the Roman inscriptions discovered in Dacia, having as subjects Roman non-commissioned officers. The most important for the Roman army were the non-commissioned officers, because they were the ones who effectively dealt with the training of recruits, but at the same time ensured the link between the officers and the troop. The most numerous non-commissioned officers, and even the most important, were the centurions that actually make the object of our analysis. We note that these centurions we find in the inscriptions have an extraordinary career, fulfilling the centurion function in several Roman units and subunits, some of them being advanced to the rank of officer. Some of the centurions about whom we find out from the Latin inscriptions on Dacian territory, selected by us, have an old Italic origin, due to the fact that they belong to the Italic tribes. The non-commissioned officers’careers in Dacia also demonstrate, once again, the perfection and professionalism of the Roman army, which knew how to manage war, as well as peace with the help of its military men, regardless of their military rank.