Hannibal - strateg model


Antiquity was a period of human history full of wars. Some wars reached a global scale by engaging, in one way or another, the entire world known at that time. Such was the case of Punic wars, which opposed two great empires, one in full accession, Carthage, versus Rome, an emerging empire. The Punic Wars were not only one of the “clashes of ancient civilizations”, but also a redrawing of the boundaries of the ancient world and a change of the leader of that world. Like in any armed conflict, fighting technologies, leaders, and especially strategies emerged. The undisputed military leader of the Punic wars, although he lost the peace of these wars, was Hannibal, a complete strategist and a revolutionary of the art of Mars, who inspired generations of politico-military leaders throughout history.
Hannibal, or “Baal’s grace” was rather the “grace” of the god of war through his great strategy. In his military campaigns, he relied on the speed of the troops led in the theatres of operations, on surprise attack, the introduction of new weapons, the careful choice of the place of battle, but especially on flawless tactical plans. He is the parent of the cavalry’s attack on the wings (cavalry being his favourite and, at the same time, secret weapon of his strategy), attack that enabled him to catch his opponents in a pair of pliers, thus destroying them easily. Thanks to his strategic genius, Hannibal has remained a model of military strategy even today.