Două aşezări postromane şi o posibilă necropolă identificate pe raza localităţii Hodoni (com. Satchinez, jud. Timiş)


Archaeological surveys conducted in the year 2014, have revealed the existence of new archaeological points in the proximity of Hodoni village, in an area renowned for its archaeological potential and subject to metal detection surveys and archaeological theft. Three archaeological points and a possible Sarmatian burial ground have been identified. Traces of human habitation identified in the Hodoni 4 and Hodoni 5 points reveal the presence of a community that has spanned across almost two centuries from the II/IIIrd to the IVth Century AD that ceases to exist through abandonment and not through violence. Also, the archaeological artifacts recovered from these points are dated from different periods, which denote the existence of multilayered archaeological sites.